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We have teams specializing in all areas of security,
Namely, alarms, gates, garage doors, automation thereof, intercoms, complex cell-phone intercoms (mircell), electric fencing, and access control, even alarm monitoring and security guarding.

More detail.

Our alarm teams specialize in all alarm systems and can do quick and efficient fault finding.
They work on wired and wireless systems. Making use of the latest in criminal detection technology, like outdoor passives with micro wave and sway recognition technology, or infra red beams.

Gates and burglar bars,

We have the best welders and designers in Gauteng; we can custom build any gate or window protection unit. They can also advise on the strongest manufacturing for the specifications of the clients design. In other words they can help the client get the strongest most beautiful gates and window protection units.

Garage doors,

The garage door is the biggest moving object in and around the house and in most cases it is heavy enough to crush a car’s roof and even kills a member of the family. Piece of mind is a must with a garage door. Especially if the door is held up by a motor. Our door team was trained not only by the manufacturers but also by technicians who have been specializing in garage doors for the past 20 years.

Automation of gates and garage doors,

Automating a garage door or a main entrance sounds like a decision of luxury, but in these trying financial times the criminals are getting even more desperate and dangerous. With most hi-jacking happening in driveways when the victim gets out to open the gate or has to stop. And let’s face it most hi-jackers are not the type of criminal to ask politely then back off, just take a moment to think of all the death associated with this aspect of criminal activity. Changing your time of entrance from +/- 1min to +/- 6seconds without having to get out of the safety of your car could save you or your family’s lives. With most of our gates providing the option to open the gate with courtesy lights that switch on for an adjustable amount of time whenever the gate is operated. We also do an assortment of boom gates to suit the site. The same applies for a garage doors, a person is still vendible behind a gate if a criminal is in position of a firearm, as they can force the victim to open the gate. Don’t take that risk it’s not worth it.


Communicating between the main entrance & the house or business office means that it is possible to identify the person requesting access. This also gives an added safety of not having to answer face to face with the risk of firearm intimidation. We also offer the  ability to answer your home or complex intercom from your phone and operate up to 4 items like gates, booms and lights from your cell-phone.

Technology gives us the option between normal audio and combination of color video or black & white video with audio. This added feature means that it is possible to correctly identify the person and to make sure that he or she is who they claim they are.

Complex cell-phone intercoms (mircell),

With further advances in technology it has even become possible to communicate between the main entrance of a business or complex and a specific person pre identified via cell phone who has power of access example: A person arrives at the entrance of the complex and presses the unit number 5, the mircell calls Mr. Jones at number5, if there is no answer it will call Mrs. Jones if there still is no answer it will call Jenny their daughter, and any of them can open the gate from, where ever they are by just pressing a pre-set button (normally 5). Getting to an estate where the amount of units or distance for running cable makes it impossible to use a standard system, the only real option is to use a wireless system lie the mircell, anti-interference and anti-scrambling technology makes it the safest wireless system in South-Africa. . This unique mircell system can only be sold to registered certified installers like our intercom specialist and this gives added piece of mind knowing that the system is backed with after sale support.

Electric fencing,

Electric fencing is one of the most effective ways to keep unwanted intruders from gaining access to a specific property. Our electric fence specialist can easily erect anything from a five line wall mount fence to a 24 line game fence over any distance. Once an again all work is certified so after sale support is a priority.

Access control,

Access control through electronics means that within a business or office, certain people can access certain areas while others cannot. These systems when installed correctly. Can be used together with existing systems, as I time and attendance system. And can even be linked to bio-metric fingerprint readers. Our access control team is ready and able to help.


Cctv gives the client the power to view any area of any property, from anywhere in the world and even record it with a watermark which makes it useful in a court of law. We have now even launched portable systems that can be mounted in trucks, fleets of cars or buses. We also specialize in video cameras that have a low lux input that means the camera does not need light to view and record, perfect for warehouses and any application. We do indoor and outdoor systems.

Alarm monitoring.

We also install monitoring systems using GSM technology, This allows you to monitor and arm your alarm system from anywhere in south africa. We also offer cctv streaming and offsite monitoring through an adsl Line.

We take pride in quality. And have set a new standard in the security industry. Our services now also available direct to the public.