Analytical maintenance technology

  • Would it not be wonderful if you had a way to predict the future. Well we cannot warn against hurricanes but we can warn when machines are going to fail, why it will happen and estimate the time it will still run for.

Amt / Analytical Maintenance Technology,


Pieter Du Plessis has more than 28 years of on site condition monitoring experience, starting with New Denmark Colliery (anglo coal division)near Standerton Mpumalanga and was later Head hunted for by Illovo sugar Kzn that became Tsb and is currently part of the RCL foods group of companies. Yet in 2016 started AMT / Analytical Maintenance Technology with his son Quinton who has been doing business in the services industry for more than 12 years. Having this wealth of experience and passion for service excellence as part of a family owned business. We also have an open door policy all the way to the top, so we are looking forward  to see you at the Head office in Pretoria North. References upon request.

We focus our attention on the South-African market, from Pretoria to Cape town and serve clients across South-Africa. We offer our services, across all towns South-Africa. We are used to the all areas and can work in mining, manufacturing and bottling, petro-chemical, automotive and electrical fields.

Case study.

At one of the sites there is a gearbox system that was running at a cost to client of Around R2 000 000, per year, spent on replacing gears and pinion shafts within the box, after a single alignment project the client has not spent a cent on that gearbox in 10 years so the estimated saving to client was R20 000 000 to date on that one machine.

We cover a wide range of condition monitoring services including…

  • Laser alignment of pulleys, shafts, belts etc.

When an object is rotated centrifugal forces are generated. When a shaft is off center this creates vibration and stress on crucial parts like bearings, this could create multiple problems.

For instance as the bearing starts wearing out it starts running hotter, up to the point where it can ignite gasses in the area and explode which could cost someone their life
It may also cause the shaft to wear away and break the shaft. This can cause down time and man hours lost, this in turn can cause the company to suffer losses which could result in job losses and bankruptcy.

  • Balancing of fans,rotors and turbines etc

When a fan or turbine is rotating at thousands of revolutions per minute and one of the blades has a chip, crack or bend or debris on it it will cause a vibration on the motor and structure. This could cause failure of bearings, blades, housings, structures and foundations.


  • Vibration analysis of motors, pumps and gearboxes etc.

Using the latest technology it is possible to use vibration frequencies to analyze and test machines long before any failure occurs. With this powerful tool combined with experience it is possible for us to change a frequency scale as seen here into readable data.

Much like a health check-up, two people entering the doctor’s office might look the same, but one gets a pain tablet and the other gets rushed to the ER. Doctors use vital signs  for health and so do we, one of them is called vibration.

  • Thermal imaging of pipes, wiring circuits and pumps etc.

When a wiring circuit has a fault on it, it will generally start heating up the components on that circuit as the amperage rises. Using a motor for example, the motor is running hotter and thus using more power, could fail sooner and could cause a fire. We use the latest infra red imaging technology to quick determine where the heat sources are on the system or circuit and can compile a report that is easy to read and a preventative action plan provided.

  • Oil analysis for motors, gearboxes, and transformers etc.

Oil and lubricants can show  very much about the state of a motor, gearbox or transformer.Tests include, but are not limited to particle count. Viscosity and chemical spectrum, soot contamination shows an ingress of dirt into the system.

What is condition monitoring.

Put in very simple terms. It is the discipline of monitoring the condition of various machines in a specific route,in specific factory on a regular basis. This is done to determine which machines has the most wear and tear. Why the wear and tear has occurred, and what can be done to prevent the same  situation in the future.

  • Please feel free to call Quinton on 0726575991(RSA).
  • or email him at
  • or meet us at our office located at 219 East street. Pretoria North.(just call before you visit as the directors like to do on-site quality control themselves frequently).

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