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Products include

Electric fence:



Free standing and Wall mount fence etc.



index en

Nemtech, Stinger, Magnum etc.


index turnstile


Booms, Swing, Sliding, Folding, Pedestrian and Custom, etc.

Gate motors:

index gem index r5 images boom 1284627467_121221300_1-AP-ELECTRICAL-ELECTRIC-FENCINGGATE-GARAGE-MOTORSINTERCOMS-ETC-South-Africa-West-Rand-1284627467 index swing gate


Centurion, Gemini, Hansa, E.T, Came, custom Industrial etc.

Steel structures:

images bb index trel

index gate

Burglar proofing windows, Gates, Hand rails, Carports etc.

Garage door:

garage doorsimages gardor


Sectional, Roll-up and Tip-up, Digi, etc.

Garage door motors:

 images roool images gar

Digi door, Gemini, E.T, Pro-alpha, Aladin, Marantech etc.

Alarms panels:


images alarm


FBI, IDS,DSC, Paradox, Texecom, Robogard, QD, Roconet.

Wired and wireless panels. In/out door P.I.R and beams, smoke detectors, remote/fixed panic and emergency exit etc.

GSM Conection:

index gsm



Any of our electronic systems can be adapted to be controlled by a cell-phone, (for status and activation/deactivation from anywhere in RSA (signal dependant) ect.



images cam kit images cams images ptz

Network, standard, wireless and IP. Indoor domes, outdoor weather proof, PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom), high speed domes, low lux (very dark applications), covert (hidden), control rooms, etc GKB, Panasonic, Sony etc.)


indexbw index gate index paliside images cem pal index fence2 index fence


Free standing electric, Normal diamond mesh, Brick walls

Pre-cast walls, and Palisade etc)



index intindex miecell

Commax, Centurion (polo), Ellies, BPT, . etc Video and Audio, Mircell (cell phone interface).

Access control:

images bio2 images bio index centindex turnstile

Prox net, Centurion (keypad and proximity tag and card).Bio-metric fingerprint and facial recognition (inc. time and attendance, and log file).Magnet and Striker locks to doors and gates, together with door closer, turnstiles etc.

Guarding services:

images sec guard


Profesional guards 24hours, any where in South-Africa, best rates for the best guards.


Call 0726575991



Custom built:

We also build systems to customer’s requirements.This normally consists of integrating systems to communicate.

There has never been more technological advances in the security industry than now. Looking at gate motors, we have seen how a gate motor became smart enough to display faults.

We have seen garage motors that have the function to have safety beams installed in the garage door way, to prevent the door closing on a person or motor vehicle. This is possible for the role up, tip up and sectional wooden garage doors. As a garage door is the biggest and heaviest moving part on your house it is very important to have it installed & serviced by a well trained professional. Never compromise on a garage door installation and the price.

People have been using alarm systems to secure their environments for a few decades, yet the scene has changed quite a bit in the last few years. Every time the security manufacturers bring out a new alarm panel, or alarm solution to help in securing homes and business, the thieves also become smarter and we need to start the learning process again. ZeQtec is partnered with some of the industries main manufacturing companies and has been represented in security installation and maintenance training courses for years.  ZeQtec also partnered to the micro pc board manufacturers, the Research and development sector that designs, patents and prototypes the circuits, pc boards and even gsm centred devices (that uses cell phone signal) that are used in the security industry. This means that we will always have the edge over the burglar, even if he is a very well trained intruder.


Close Circuit Tele Vision or CCTV as it is more commonly know as, was first used by government agencies to monitor security controlled areas, then for private use, and later for public recording.

There are two types of CCTV systems, one is a “view only” and the other is a “view and record”

The view only system uses a splitting processor to change the incoming video signals so that all the cameras can be seen on the monitor, yet this does not allow the user to go back and view previous events, which makes it acceptable in certain applications and totally unacceptable in others. The second system mentioned here is the recordable system, This is done by using a Digital Video recorder (Aka, DVR) or a computer to record the video signals from the cameras so that it can be viewed at a later stage. DVR’s and video cards (for the computers normally come in intervals of 4).

The questions to ask yourself when looking for a cctv system are…

Will you need to view images later?

How many scenes (areas do you need to cover),

Do you want all the cameras to be visible?

Is there a centralized (between cameras), ventilated and powered place to put the DVR?

How much are you willing to spend?

Is your installer accredited?

(Including time & attendance) 1st time right Access control Alarm monitoring Pretoria. Quality products Alarms And any custom built solution Automation Bio-metric fingerprint readers Booms BPT Burglar bars & gates CCTV Cell-phone interface Centurion Computers Digi DSC Electric fencing Fencing Garage doors Garage Motors Gate motors Gates Gemini Global Guarding service Hansa IDS Intercoms Jo-burg Johannesurg Jozi Keypads Marantech Mircellscell Pannasonic Pro-alpha Pta Security Equipment Security Solutions Sony South-Africa Stinger Texecom walls


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